Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Bredbrämad bastardsvärmare - Zygaena lonicerae - Narrow-Bordered Five-Spot Burnet

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Bredbrämad bastardsvärmare - Zygaena lonicerae - Narrow-Bordered Five-Spot Burnet 
NF Photo 130720 Nävertorp, Katrineholm

Om Bredbrämad bastardsvärmare på wiki
About Narrow-Bordered Five-Spot Burnet on wiki

I went out looking for this kind of butterfly at a place where I have heard they had been spotted. I found one. I thought I had this one before but it turned out to be one of those I had not seen before. So, now I have two of them in my photo collection.  :)
According to litterature this butterfly is toxic.

A very interesting video from youtube

 Fjärils / Butterfly gallery

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ulla laiho said...

Fantastiska bilder!!! said...

Flotte bilder av en fin sommerfugl.

eileeninmd said...

It is a colorful insect, very pretty colors. Great shots!

Unknown said...

Snygga bilder på en vacker fjäril!

MitchyLR said...

Wonderful shots of this beautiful little insect. I've only even seen one here once.

FAB said...

Super shots of this interesting Moth.

NatureFootstep said...


Gemma Wiseman said...

A very brightly coloured little butterfly! Fascinating.

lorik said...

I just made it in time - sorry for the late entry!
Love your white against brilliant red and grey - espeically the second one.