Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Eldsnabbvinge - Thecla betulae - Brown Hairstreak

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Eldsnabbvinge - Thecla betulae - Brown Hairstreak
NF Photo 130730

Om Eldsnabbvinge på wiki
About Brown Hairstreak on wiki

A little butterfly I did not have before. A real beauty when it comes th the underpart of it´s wings. I can´t figure out whether it is a male or female. They seem to be rather rare. At least I have not seen it before. There is a third image but I decided to post it on NF photography. If you like you can take a look HERE.

NF Winged

 Fjärils / Butterfly gallery
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1 comment:

BeBest said...

Idag 130813 hittade jag den vid Krämbol. Den höll till i ett plommonbestånd intill vägen.